What do we do?

We market and intermediate natural rubber and latex in America and Europe, connecting with the main producing countries such as Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand with local manufacturers, providing a comprehensive and personalized service that guarantees transparency, trust and compliance at each stage of the process.



Rubber and latex prices rise. What are the reasons?
Rubber and latex prices rise. What are the reasons?
21 May, 2024

Latex and natural rubber prices remain firm and show increases this week. The increase in prices is driven by a heat wav...

Latex prices rebounded and rubber prices have not yet been defined
Latex prices rebounded and rubber prices have not yet been defined
6 May, 2024

China's industrial activity data was relatively good, boosting quotes. As for supply, more volume is expected to be adde...

What is driving the fall in Natural Rubber prices?
What is driving the fall in Natural Rubber prices?
29 April, 2024

The decline in natural rubber prices continues due to signs of weakness in demand. In China, a drop in natural rubber im...

Why choose us?

We offer a comprehensive and reliable distribution service for natural rubber and latex. We are experts in the market, we provide agile and efficient solutions, building long-term alliances.

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The relationship we build with our partners and clients, the way we address challenges and the comprehensive service we offer, is what sets us apart.

For our customers:

We provide competitive prices

We are committed to offering highly competitive prices in the natural rubber and latex market. Our strategy is based on cost optimization without compromising product quality, allowing us to provide our clients with affordable rates.

We respect contracts

We value transparency and integrity in all our transactions. We rigorously comply with the terms agreed in our contracts, maintaining a solid and reliable relationship with our clients and suppliers.

We prioritize quality standards

We maintain the highest quality standards throughout the entire process, from acquisition to delivery of the requested product. We work with reliable suppliers and carry out exhaustive quality controls to guarantee excellence in our products.

We set prices on future shipments

We offer our clients the option to set prices for future shipments, providing security and stability in their operations. This allows investments and budgets to be planned with greater certainty in a volatile market.

We advise in a personalized way

We understand that each client has unique needs. Our highly trained team offers personalized advice, adapted to the individual specifications and requirements of each client, to guarantee effective and satisfactory solutions.

We carry out automated cargo tracking

We employ advanced tracking systems to efficiently and accurately monitor the loading and shipping process. This allows us to provide real-time information on the location and status of loads, guaranteeing fluid and efficient logistics.

We prepare updated market reports

We keep our clients informed with detailed and updated reports on trends, price fluctuations and other relevant aspects of the natural rubber and latex market. These reports allow you to make informed and strategic decisions for your business operations.

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Con nuestros informes de mercado estarás informado para transitar con confianza el futuro de la industria, tomar decisiones, realizar operaciones concretas o proyectar inversiones.


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